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Topaz Jones


Topaz Jones, painter, printmaker, and sculptor

My name is Topaz Jones. I was born in 1983 in Portland, Oregon. Iím a
contemporary Native American artist, enrolled Western Shoshone member of the
Shoshone-Paiute Tribes of Duck Valley. I am also tribally affiliated with Lummi,
Kalapuya, and Molalla. Since, my Mother is Shoshone and my Father was Native American
from the Pacific Northwest, my stomping grounds stretched from the Pacific to the Great
Basin. Growing up, I moved around quite a bit forcing me to adapt quickly to my surroundings.
Yet, also allowing me to get lost in my observations. I have been captivated by art since I
was a child drawing with crayons. As I grew so did my skill and artistic interests. I was
very close to my Father, and he always encouraged me to pursue my artistic talent. Like,
signing me up for an oil painting class when I was eleven.

In 2000, With the help and encouragement of my Dad, I attended the Institute of American Indian
Arts and worked toward an Associate's of Fine Arts degree. After IAIA, I moved back up to the
Northwest, only to lay my Dad to rest. I stayed up there for a couple of years and eventually
settled on my reservation, Duck Valley in Northern Nevada. I worked Tribal positions for years
and did a couple small art gigs. But my inner artist was suffocating, fearing extinction. In 2008,
I returned to IAIA to work towards a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree. I was blessed with many
opportunities during my time at IAIA. I got involved with the Culture Club and visited Honolulu,
Hawaii. I was selected to travel to Samsun, Turkey, for a whole month to create artwork and be
apart of an art show, Oil and Water. I also, taught classes for color theory and sculpture,
giving me new inspiration to teach art.

In 2011, I graduated with my BFA and with my greatest creation of all, I was 9 months pregnant
with my Daughter Fia. Currently, I reside in Santa Fe, NM. with my love and artistic companion
Daniel McCoy, where we work and raise our children.

Artist Statement

I work in painting, printmaking, and sculpture, using a number of different techniques within my
pieces. In painting and printmaking, I create figurative works, in fine line detailed dreamscapes,
abstract expressions, and gestural drawings. In sculpture, I use a variety of materials to convey a
narrative. Such, materials are stone, medal, clay, and wood. I evoke emotions through my artwork,
using color, beauty, and story.

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Contact info:

e-mail: artist.topazjones@gmail.com