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Phil Buckheart


Phil Buckheart, sculptor and painter

Phillip (Buck) P. Buckheart came to Nevada at the age of three years old, therefore, he considers himself a Nevadan.
He is an enrolled member of the Absentee Shawnee and also has Choctaw roots from his mother’s side. Art has always been
an interest of his from a very early age. The art and sketches he has produced have always been from a perspective of
his Indian heritage.

Over the years Buck has taken art classes in the community to further develop his knowledge, techniques and skills for
the creation of his art. Now, as a retired person, he is able to focus and dedicate his time to his passion of creating
new ideas in the area of modern and contemporary art styles. His art reflects Native American styles of geometric designs,
colors, spiritual beliefs and representations of the North and South American Indigenous peoples. Currently, his creative
energy is engaged in the area of assemblage and clay sculpture.

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