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Louinda Garity


Louinda Garity, Illustrator and painter

Louinda Garity was born in Schurz, Nevada on October 10, 1959. I spent my early years growing up
in the Fallon area on the Paiute Shoshone Reservation in Stillwater Nevada. I then moved to Southern
California where I was first exposed to Art as a profession. After six years I then returned to Nevada
where I finished my education at Churchill County High School. I was then accepted to the Institute of
American Indian Arts in Santa Fe, New Mexico earning an Associate Degree in Fine Arts.

Artist Statement:

I believe art to be an integral part of a personís everyday existence. I cannot imagine a life without the
beauty of art or music surrounding me. As a Native person with a rich culture to draw upon, there are
endless possibilities for the creation of wonderful art. Lately I have been very concerned about issues
native people face, such as the destruction of the pine nut forests and depletion of water supplies in the
Great Basin area. Native people also continue to deal with racism and generational trauma in our communities.
Future artworks will examine these subjects. Being an artist from the Great Basin area I will do my best to
show my tribal perspective with humor, beauty, and detailed insight.

Artist Media

I work primarily in Acrylic, Oil, Prismacolor, Pastel, Graphite, Ink, and Watercolor. I will continue to
experiment with collage, printmaking and calligraphy.

Contact info:

Louinda Garity