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Alicia Maria Siu

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Alicia Maria Siu, Muralist/Painter

Alicia is Nawat-Pipil/Maya from Central America. She and her family migrated north from Honduras to Turtle Island in 1998.
She has been a lifelong painter, showing a love for painting as a child. She graduated in 2011 receiving a Masters in Native
American Studies from the University of California at Davis and a B.A. in Studio Art. Her thesis work, a series of paintings
and written research, focuses on "La Matanza" the Massacre of 1932, a period of genocide perpetuated against the
Nahuat-Lenca-Maya communities in Cuscatlan, also known as El Salvador. She has painted murals in her homeland and throughout
California in several communities. Some murals have been closely tied to Indigenous communities struggles during encampments.
She works in acrylic, oil, woodcuts and silk screens. The images she makes are visual stories of resilience and beauty,
responses to colonial repressions and environmental issues. Displacement of people from native homelands, the disruptions to
Mother Earth focused existence are themes she exposes with her art. She has shown in several group and solo shows throughout
California, in Los Angeles, the Great Basin, Sacramento, and more recently in Nisenan Country. She has done theater as part of
the cast of "Something Inside is Broken", an effort to promote and retain the Maidu Language. She is a mother of one and enjoys
ceremony and making relatives.


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phone: 818 314 9841

e-mail: aliciamariasiu@gmail.com